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After Christmas Sales

This year, the before Christmas sales were the same, if not better, than the after Christmas sales. “Buy one item, get one free, anything in the store, please buy something.” That’s a crazy one I liked. Even pricey stores like Barney’s had to mark down popular items, like this one.

Ok, so it’s just a log with purse straps ($90 marked down from $150). But what else am I going to get for one of my favorite Twin Peaks characters?


Log Lady

Log Lady


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Movie Matinee

I don’t believe this man was the target demographic for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Kudos to the marketing team for reaching a broader audience!

When my boyfriend goes to the movies, he asks if Writers Guild members get free passes because he legitimately has the right as a member to see nominated movies for free. When I go to the movies, I ask if they have a student discount because although I graduated three years ago, I still have my student card and I really love savings.

Two tix for Button, please!

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Do Believe!

Here’s a pair of underwear I would never wear on a first date. I mean… third date? I only wear these when I have to do laundry. Actually only while I’m doing my laundry. I don’t want anyone to see these, which is why I’m posting this picture.

All I wanted was some simple cotton bikini-briefs. The plainer the better. Classy, right? 5 pairs for $25. Holiday colors and themes dominated the display table. I chose red with snowflakes, green with polka dots, plain red, plain royal blue, and plain green. Well, I thought it was plain green. Who designed this? Someone with an important message, that’s who.


It would have made a great promo gift for the 1994 film, Disney’s The Santa Clause starring Tim Allen.

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Today is a good food day.

I had a cupcake at Eleni’s. THE BEST. When I moved to NYC, my first job was at Eleni’s, You know the buttercream frosting is really good if it refuses to dissolve when you try to rinse it down a drain. It just sits there, content, in the sink. On your thighs. Mmm.

I only stayed about three weeks, but I got to wear a hot pink collared shirt from Target, and Rachael Ray and Larry King came in and did a segment on the bakery. Larry King is even frailer in person. Rachael Ray is even more unlikable in person.

I’m about to go get empanadas and sangria at Empanada Mama. Best food, worst service, so worth it.

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