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I’m completely addicted to tetris.

I love the SNES version, but I most frequently play the computer version, Quinn.

Quinn has distracted me better than gchat since at least 2003. I’m pleased to announce that tonight I got a new high score, 1,792,830. My hands are shaking a little. At one point, I managed to clear the the screen completely of pieces, and a little black stick figure jumped up and down on the screen to congratulate me. This has only happened one other time, and that was on the day of Obama’s inauguration.

I think a new high score is definitely blog worthy. Let me note that I do not play any other video games. Where would I find the time?


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I just googled my show, Hold For The Laughs, to see what pops up. It’s like googling myself, but not quite as selfish. It’s like googling myself, but I don’t do it everyday. HA!

I don’t do it EVERY day.

On the first page was the WikiHow page for How to Stop Laughing when You Laugh at Inappropriate Times. The best advice is do not read this page.

Best advice nuggets:
If it gets really bad, hold your nose and cover your mouth with that hand. Then people can’t see your grin, and you can laugh as hard as you wish inside yourself. You may start shaking, but that’s OK, it can be covered as crying. Try not to let any sound out, but if you do ease up by accident it sounds much like a sneeze or a strange snort.

Pretend to pick your teeth. Open your mouth wide and pretend to pick away at something stuck. Not only does it totally hide your smile, you also clean your teeth at the same time! Be careful though because the face made is funny enough to make others start laughing when they see what you’re up to.

Bite your tounge and pull your cheeks back….or if you are at a funeral or something serious, hold your hands up to your face and smile and laugh as much as you want but try to make the laughing sound like you’re crying.

Developing a sudden feeling of superiority or a condescending attitude in your mind can help you temporarily stop laughing.

Hold your laughs, people!!

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Google Search

I have lots to blog about, but I’ve been busy in LA doing standup at some pretty incredible shows. I feel like one of those lucky ducks you always hear about.

Anyway, I just checked my search engine log… what are people googling to get to my website? Many people get here wanting to find out more about the Log Lady from Twin Peaks.

One person got here by googling “hide cocaine in shampoo.”

I’m on What’s Up Tiger Lily? tomorrow night along with one of my all time favorite comedians, Maria Bamford. And other really hilarious people too. If you are in LA, come on out, it’s free!

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