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Peruvian Parasite

See that thing? That’s living inside my little sister. It’s a parasite called giardia. According to websites, it’s “popularly known as beaver fever or backpacker’s diarrhea.” Wow, both of those names are hilarious.

Soon I’ll get to call her “beaver fever” to her face. She’s leaving Peru and lands at Laguardia tomorrow morning. Yeah, she’s sick. But I’m not a jerk sister. FIRST I’ll make fun of her, THEN I’ll make her chicken noodle soup.

She won’t be happy that this is on my blog, so here’s something else she won’t be happy about, which will hopefully distract her:

My sister rules.


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I sued my former landlord in Kings County Small Claims Court yesterday, and won! I won in small claims court like I won in sports as a kid– by forfeit.

He didn’t show. Now I have to come up with a clever way to collect the money, since he has a great disappearing act.

Small Claims was a pretty fun environment. Not really, but I enjoyed the cast of characters. The best part was listening to an unhappy man on a power-trip call out the names of the cases.

“Veronica Baker vs. Puppy Boutique.” I’m imagining the Puppy Boutique gave Fluffy the wrong haircut, and she lost a prestigious dog competition because of it.

“Ron Townsend vs. Best Buy.” “Best Buy” was a cherub-faced short man in his late twenties. A royal blue Best Buy employee shirt peeked out from under his winter jacket. Hope he’s getting paid overtime!

I plead my case in front of an arbitrator who listened to my story and said “That’s the most unusual case I’ve ever heard involving a security deposit, but you win!”

It felt good. I’ve been trying to get my landlord to return my last month’s rent and deposit for TWO years now. After several months, the couple I used to live with stopped returning my emails/phone calls. I suspect it was because they realized if they didn’t help me, they wouldn’t have to come up with the rest of the money. That equals free money for them! And let’s face it, someday their children will have an abusive father, so I guess they need all the help they can get.


Now let me recommend a fantastic Indian food restaurant that Dan and I went to last night to celebrate my victory: VATAN Yes! Go there!

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