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I was a kid who loved to take sick days. Once, on my walk to school, I defiantly spit on the ground, announced to the other kids I had just puked, turned around, and walked home. Something like this only happened on a day I thought would be boring. It NEVER happened on a day when we were going to watch “Tomes and Talismans.” Apparently they showed this in a lot of schools in the late 80’s/early 90’s, particularly in the Midwest. I couldn’t remember the name of it, but googled “Dewey Decimal System” and “The Wipers” and rediscovered this treasure.

Does this look familiar to you? It’s a creepy show, but I like the bold choice to raise the stakes and make a library catalogue the most interesting and important thing in a post-apocalyptic world. You have to learn how to use the paper card catalogue, because they will have that in 2123.


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I went to LA two weeks ago with a lot of enthusiasm because I thought it meant a break from seasonal allergies. I was mistaken. What was I thinking? I was pretty much a test subject for Claritin when it first came out!

What’s “pretty much a test subject?” It means I was never a test subject, but I started taking it at an early age right when it first came on the market as a prescription drug.

My allergies are pretty bad. People are always recommending that I take Claritin-D instead of regular Claritin. But whenever I hear “Claritin-D,” I am reminded of “D-tranqs” which are what an ex-boyfriend of mine used to enjoy taking recreationally. D-tranqs are short for dog tranquilizers.

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