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I’m in Spokane, Washington. No, I didn’t lie about moving to LA just so I could move in with my parents. I leave for LA tomorrow!

I’m bummed I can’t be at Rodeo Bar or Hold For The Laughs tomorrow night (those were the comedy shows I produced in New York). But I am going to Disneyland on Friday, where I will go up to Mickey Mouse and say “I’ve waited my whole life to meetchu!!” just like the little girl in the commercial that plays before the feature on my The Santa Clause VHS.

When I am at home with my parents in Spokane, I can’t stop eating. I ate a lot in NYC, but it was on the proper schedule and I got a lot of exercise (walking). At home, I get bored, and when I’m full, I eat more. The food here is fantastic and not at all boring. Whatever you want, you just write it down on a piece of paper called a grocery list, and then it magically appears in a few hours.

In NYC, for the entire month of August and half of September, my breakfast was Mickey Mouse Shaped Chicken Nuggets. Oh god, now you think I have a Disney problem. No, that’s simply what they sell at Costco. I made it my mission to finish that large bag before I moved, and I did. And I lost five pounds or something. That’s my guess anyway, because I shipped my scale three weeks before the move. Maybe I should write a diet book about nuggets for breakfast? Readers, you may vote on that in the comments section of the blog.

The image I found of a Mickey Mouse Nugget looked gross, so Im not using it.

The image I found of a Mickey Mouse Nugget looked gross, so I'm not using it.

But here in Spokane, trying to eat all the groceries is disastrous to my waistline, simply because there are so many groceries. I have tried to solve the problem by eating out, like I would in New York. But now it’s worse, because not only do I have groceries, but I also have leftover Italian and Chinese food.

Right now, I just had my second dinner. And I’m still full from my second breakfast!

LA will set me right again. How do I know? Because I’ll be with my boyfriend, whose favorite foods are broccoli and frozen blueberries.


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Peptember Chorth

It’s my birthday! “Peptember Chorth” is the hint that several friends use to remember it. I haven’t talked to my mom today yet, but I have to remember to be sensitive. I was 9lbs when I was born, and that can’t be a pleasant memory.

Tonight, my friends who don’t have Labor Day Weekend travel plans will celebrate at the Cherry Tree in Park Slope. It’s one of my favorite bars.

I always go to a favorite bar on my birthday. My first bar birthday was at Rennies in Eugene. The next year, I was in DC with my parents briefly visiting them before my move to New York, and we went to this fancy little bar in Alexandria. I can’t remember what it was called, but it was one of my favorites because my dad paid for the drinks.

My first NYC birthday was at Bamboo 52. The birthday girl drinks for free, and her friends get a good happy hour. A friend from Iowa and a friend from New York hooked up in the bathroom that night. Worlds collide.

Last year, I was in Anchorage, Alaska for my birthday. I met my boyfriend’s wonderful family, went hiking, camping, and observed lots of moose. It was a difficult time for me emotionally, because a good friend had just had an accident two weeks prior and was in a coma. When I returned, I had my party near the hospital Joe was in, at one of his favorite bars: Rodeo Bar. It was a wonderful evening, even though there was some kind of small hurricane/major rain. Also, Joe couldn’t be there. But damn, those margaritas are STRONG.

Today, I’m making cookies. When I woke up, I listened to the cast recording of Bright Lights, Big City. Many people aren’t aware that it was made into a musical. Judge as you wish. I made the dogs’ airline reservations and walked to the store for cookie stuff. My dog, Donna, is being extra attentive to me, like she “knows” or something. And for the first time in years, I get to celebrate my birthday with my sister. I wish Joe could be there tonight, but I’ll visit him this weekend, and we’ll have some laughs. Dan can’t be there tonight either, since he’s working in LA, but knowing that we’ll be living in the same place very soon makes me the happiest. I have a very good feeling.

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